KIDS Crater Experiment!

Written by: Daniela De Francesca

Kids just want to have fun!

35546614_10155340400702274_3924870840277008384_n    Teaching kids can be a challenge!  As a home schooling mommy, it’s hard to keep my kids engaged and inspired, especially when their learning needs and capacities are so divergent! The one thing that bridges the gap are hands-on experiments! Many, if not most, children are ‘hands-on’ learners and must experience first hand in order to effectively absorb any given information.  Integrating a wide range of experiments can transform a child’s ability to focus and enjoy a topic, which may otherwise be mundane.  Experimenting with children also encourages them to ask questions beyond the subject at hand, which, physiologically speaking, fires up a child’s brain and helps them to create more neural connections.  These neural connection lay the foundation for future abstract learning.

  Making a Crater

This kids crater experiment is easy peasy, lemon squeezy!  You will need:

1.) baking dish

2.) sifter

3.) measuring cup

4.) flour

5.) cocoa powder

6.) rocks or other small objects to act as the meteors


This is a messy one, so you may want to place a newspaper or place mat under your baking dish!

1.) Add flour to your baking dish about 2-3cm deep.

2.) Shake the dish gently in order to even out the flour.

3.) Use your sifter to sift a thin layer of cocoa powder until the flour is covered.

4.) Hold your object about one meter over the dish and release.

Have fun making craters!


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